Efu Studets Book

Welcome to English for You. We want you to be successful language learners, so we have prepared many materials for you in our our videos, made by our professional teachers with much help from their assistants and the technical staff.
You can watch all of these videos for free on our youtube channel. For example, you should listen to and watch the video, pause it if you need to take notes, and keep going. In the Look and Listen section you can practice by reading the sentences and listening to the teacher saying them. Of course you can practice saying them, too. In the Read and Repeat section, you can read the  entences out loud for your own practice. When the teacher is asking the assistants to give answers, see if you can give the answers first and then check to see if you were correct. Every lesson also includes a dictation, so try to write the words and sentences correctly and then check your work. If you didn’t do very well, try it again. Finally, there is a reading section, so read along with the teacher and then answer the questions. You can say the sentences with the teacher if you like, for extra practice. There are explanations of the grammar, practice exercises, some listening exercises based on the video, some guided writing, and more reading. We hope you will enjoy this opportunity to learn and improve your English. We wish you all the best in your studies. English For You      https://www.youtube.com/englishforyoutv
Beginner Levels    1 -17 Pages Beginner Levels 120-129 Pages Beginner Levels 230-239 Pages
Beginner Levels  18 -27 Pages Beginner Levels 130-139 Pages Beginner Levels 240-251 Pages
Beginner Levels  28 -37 Pages Beginner Levels 140-151 Pages Beginner Levels 252-259 Pages
Beginner Levels  38 -49 Pages Beginner Levels 152-159 Pages Beginner Levels 260-271 Pages
Beginner Levels  50 -57 Pages Beginner Levels 160-169 Pages Beginner Levels 272-285 Pages
Beginner Levels  58 -69 Pages Beginner Levels 170-179 Pages Beginner Levels 286-301 Pages
Beginner Levels  70 -85 Pages Beginner Levels 180-191 Pages Beginner Levels 302-313 Pages
Beginner Levels  86 -97 Pages Beginner Levels 192-203 Pages Beginner Levels 315-323 Pages
Beginner Levels  98-107 Pages Beginner Levels 204-215 Pages Beginner Levels 324-337 Pages
Beginner Levels 108-119 Pages         Beginner Levels 216-229 Pages         Beginner Levels 338-352 Pages       

Elementary Levels    1 -19 Pages   Elementary Levels 102-113 Pages    Elementary Levels 208-216 Pages  
Elementary Levels  20 -29 Pages Elementary Levels 114-127 Pages Elementary Levels 216-229 Pages
Elementary Levels  30 -39 Pages Elementary Levels 128-139 Pages Elementary Levels 230-239 Pages
Elementary Levels  40 -47 Pages Elementary Levels 140-147 Pages Elementary Levels 240-249 Pages
Elementary Levels  48 -53 Pages Elementary Levels 148-159 Pages Elementary Levels 250-263 Pages
Elementary Levels  54 -61 Pages Elementary Levels 160-169 Pages Elementary Levels 264-275 Pages
Elementary Levels  62 -73 Pages Elementary Levels 170-179 Pages Elementary Levels 276-287 Pages
Elementary Levels  74 -81 Pages Elementary Levels 180-187 Pages Elementary Levels 288-299 Pages
Elementary Levels  82 -91 Pages Elementary Levels 188-197 Pages Elementary Levels 300-313 Pages
Elementary Levels  92-101 Pages     Elementary Levels 198-207 Pages     Elementary Levels 314-328 Pages

Intermediate Levels    1 -15 Pages   Intermediate Levels     84 -93 Pages Intermediate Levels 162 -173 Pages
Intermediate Levels  16 -29 Pages Intermediate Levels   94 -105 Pages Intermediate Levels 174 -183 Pages
Intermediate Levels  30 -41 Pages Intermediate Levels 106 -117 Pages Intermediate Levels 184 -197 Pages
Intermediate Levels  42 -53 Pages Intermediate Levels 118 -127 Pages Intermediate Levels 198 -215 Pages
Intermediate Levels  54 -61 Pages Intermediate Levels 128 -139 Pages  
Intermediate Levels  62 -73 Pages Intermediate Levels 140 -151 Pages  
Intermediate Levels  74 -83 Pages Intermediate Levels 152 -161 Pages